Videoclip and album cover for a belgian rap band

INDOCILE is a belgian rap band. For the release of their 1st album they asked my friend Julien Ramirez Hernan and I to direct their videoclip Quintessence. We shot in a day in FxBox/Bfc, a rental studio in Brussels, with a Red One MX and Zeiss High Speed lenses.

by Julien Ramirez Hernan and me
- Jeff Pauly
GAFFER - Raimon Gaffier
- Octave Paute

Special thanks
to Nicolas Ramirez Hernan for his help during the shoot and to Bfc for the equipment.

Afterwards we did a photoshoot for the album cover. The idea was to get close to Chi Modu's artwork. This was shot in analog using a Mamiya 7 II and a Pentax Spotmatic. We used different films - Kodak Portra 400 & 160, Ilford Pan F and Ilford Delta 3200. We wanted something that looked old school and raw. Every locations are in Liège, Belgium (except the foggy basketball court which is in Sarajevo, Bosnia). We had some surprises with the lab but it turned out well and we kept the effect.

CD Artwork
- Phlange aka Jeremy Vandenbosch

Check out their Soundcloud & Facebook page
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